Time Study

Skill-Math works through a real-time study of each operator on each operation by replacing a Regular Stopwatch with a Mobile device / Tablet Stopwatch that is connected directly to the system.

Convert all information such as operator details, process details, style details, and time study records from manual to digital into one database system, which is convenient for you to access anytime.

Line Balancing

Skill-Math can optimize line balancing with Target Output per hour or number of operators, to avoid bottleneck situations in sewing lines and can show unused minutes and target output per work station.

With a flexibility and speed of the Line Balancing Simulation, Skill-Math brings you to the benefits as following :

  • Optimum Result
  • Bottleneck Prevention
  • Idle Time Reduction
  • Higher Output at Realistic Target

Manpower Planning

Based on the Identification of Operator Skill with their rating/grading, Skill-Math can optimize the performance of the production line by assigning the best operators based on their skill set on each process/operation.

Easy, Fast and Accurate

Operator Skill Data Bank

Skill-Math helps you to identify the operator skill by single process, multiple process and machine type, based on the parameter of rate/grade that IE has set and stored them into Skill Data Bank as Personal Performance

The improved method on Skill Trend Analysis, you can get: 

  • Flexibility Parameter on setting the rate/grade of the skill
  • Faster Calculation on identifying the grade based on the time study
  • The Accuracy of Personal Performance

Machine Asset Management

The tool that will give you Full Monitoring and control of your machines status and location, makes you easy to transfer machines between sewing line to meet machine requirement of the styles running in production and report machine breakdown for the mechanics to respond faster.

With the help of QR Code, the system can helps you to track and gives you the detail status of your machinery (active, in maintenance, broken).