Operators & Machines Part 1 (Operators as your Asset)

Sep 9, 2021 Article 2

Operators as your Asset

It is very important to maintain your operators to bring benefits to the business, this means:

  1. Identify their current skill and set training programs for their improvement
  2. Create a competitive environment to achieve a good result
  3. Make sure they are happy with the rewards based on performance

Let us see in more detail on each point…..

  1. Most of the time factories have difficulty identifying the skills of operators, it is essential to have the skill matrix of every single operator, analyze their strengths and weakness and then create a training program for them.
  2. It can be challenging for supervisors or line leaders to push operators to hit the target, but by using valid data on the skill of all operators within the factory we can create internal competition amongst themselves.
  3. Motivation is another key point to encourage operators to perform better. We need to identify skillful operators on a certain task, or even multi-talented operators so we can create a fair incentive scheme. This method will help us to keep operators loyal to us and bring benefits to the company.

Companies must see the workers as partners, on the other hand, workers must appreciate the company as their working place where they can perform their skills and show that they mean something. This relationship is built based on mutual benefits.

Skill-Math can help you to achieve this, company/factory and workers can grow together.

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