Operators & Machines Part 2 (Optimize your Asset, machinery)

Sep 9, 2021 Article 2

Optimize your Asset, machinery

In the earlier article I mentioned operators as your important asset, but nothing much they can do without the machines. Therefore, you need to make sure:

  1. All machines have the required supporting tools ie. folder and attachment
  2. All machines are in good condition and well maintained
  3. You can identify the detailed location on each machine and their status (in operation, in maintenance, etc)

There are situations where the machines are being idle, and surprisingly that’s because you don’t have full control of them. Why?

  1. You cannot synchronize machines’ readiness with the planning of orders. The factory needs to know how many single needles, overlock, bartack, etc that are needed for order and how long they will run in production
  2. You don’t know whether you have a sufficient number of machines and whether are they in good condition
  3. The machine(s) is lost somewhere, and nobody can find them

Skill-Math can help you to provide machine requirement vs availability as it can use the information from your orders planning tool.

The maintenance team can respond faster if there is any downtime because of the machine, as the user can report any downtime thru mobile Apps, real-time!

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